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Life at The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Life at The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Life at The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Life at The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Life at The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Life at The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Life at The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Life at The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Life at The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Life at The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Life at The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Life at The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Life at The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Life at The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Life at The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Life at The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Life at The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Life at The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Life at The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School


Year 3 Trip to Flag Fen 09/10/2017 (5 images)

2L Jungle Homework! (12 images)

2F Music and Art Day (22 images)

2L Music and Art Day (36 images)

Teddy Bear's Picnic in Year 1! (11 images)

Year 2 "Rumble in the Jungle!" WOW Day (26 images)

Our First Day in Reception! (226 images)

100% Attendance Party 2017 (38 images)

Year 2 Music and Art Day! 2017 (42 images)

2L Castle Homework! (9 images)

2F Warwick Castle Trip (32 images)

2L Warwick Castle Trip (68 images)

Sports Day 3D (39 images)

Sports Day (5 images)

Reception Family Worship - "Lord of the Dance!" (46 images)

Year 6 Residential 2017 - The Pioneer Centre (319 images)

Kings for Gold (32 images)

Year 3 Visit Cadbury's World (31 images)

Happy 40th Anniversary to St Marys Catholic Primary School! (12 images)

Sport Awards! (55 images)

100% Attendance - Easter 2017 (12 images)

Maya Archaeologist in Year 6 (23 images)

Pirate Day in 2F! (36 images)

Pirate Day in Year 2! (17 images)

Class Attendance Winners Term 5 - 2L! (1 images)

Superhero Day Year 1 19/04/2017 (60 images)

100% Attendance - Easter (2 images)

5T Lenten Reflection (6 images)

Papyrus and hieroglyphics - Year 5 (5 images)

Highclere Castle Trip - Year 5 (5 images)

Forensic Workshop - National Science Week! (31 images)

3F Science! (2 images)

6C Visit the Bible Exhibition - 14/03/2017 (19 images)

2F Fire Engine Visit (11 images)

Year 4 - Viking Day 2017 (131 images)

World Book Day 2017 - Class 3D (17 images)

World Book Day 2017 - Reception (36 images)

World Book Day 2017 - Bedtime Stories! (139 images)

Year 2 visit Thornton Park (42 images)

Bugtopia 1C 2017 (221 images)

Bugtopia 1P 2017 (166 images)

100 % Attendance so far this academic year (10/02/17) (8 images)

WW2 Writing in Year 6 (61 images)

Moon Zoom WOW Day (46 images)

GFOL - Manor House Homework in 2L (31 images)

Fire Engine in Year 2! (40 images)

Great Fire of London - Bucket making (33 images)

Building Brunel Bridges in 2F! (18 images)

Christmas in KS2 2016 (51 images)

100% Attendance Autumn Term 2016 (6 images)

Our Christmas Party in 1P! (5 images)

Spelling Bee! (2 images)

Christmas at The Good Shepherd! (8 images)

Building Brunel Bridges in 2L! (44 images)

Sister Jacinta (12 images)

Science: Melting Chocolate cakes in 2L (2 images)

Whizz Fizz Boom Robots (16 images)

2F Visit the Think Tank Museum (40 images)

2L Visit ThinkTank Museum (109 images)

Winter Disco 2016 (15 images)

Baptism Talk with Father Brendan in Year 1 (21 images)

1C Abington Museum Visit (145 images)

Whizz Fizz Boom WOW Day in 2F (24 images)

Harvest Worship (6 images)

All Saints Day Mass (4 images)

Fr James celebrated Mass with us on Tuesday as it was All Saints Day. It was a lovely Mass and the children all sang beautifully, especially the choir!

Buddy Reading 04/11/2016 (19 images)

Year 2 Whizz Fizz Boom WOW Day (46 images)

Year 1 Abington Museum Visit (18 images)

100% Attendance Term 1 (28 images)

Well done to the 202 students at The Good Shepherd who managed to achieve 100% attendance for Term 1!

Year 4 Spanish Day 19/10/2016 (43 images)

Year 3 Flag Fenn 17/10/2016 (3 images)

Some great homework in Year 6! (26 images)

Titanic Writing Project in Year 6 (34 images)

Year 6 have written a recount of the Titanic disaster in third person!

Rumble in the Jungle Music and Art Day - 2L (39 images)

Rumble in the Jungle Homework in 2l! (14 images)

6C - Science and Maths! (31 images)

Jungle WOW Day in 2L (69 images)

Jungle WOW Day in 2F (54 images)

Class 3D (2 images)

Junior Strictly - Grand Finals 9th July 2016 (7 images)

Pro Kick Challenge! (34 images)

Year 4 Brixworth Country Park (4 images)

100% Attendance Party 2016 (14 images)

On Thursday 14th July 2016, a party was held for the 29 childen in school you managed to achieve 100% for the entire academic year!

Year 2 Pirate Day (80 images)

Year 5 make and sell popcorn! (66 images)

Ark Farm Visit Reception Class RN (104 images)

Ark Farm Visit Reception Class RA (123 images)

Whipsnade Visit! 2F (25 images)

Science and DT Day in 2L (31 images)

Whipsnade Visit! 2L (80 images)

2F Land Ahoy WOW Day! (17 images)

Year 3 French Day! Ooo La La! (5 images)

Land Ahoy WOW Day in 2L (42 images)

Butterfly Release in Year 2 (5 images)

Year 6 Residential - JCA Croft Farm May 2016 (242 images)

1C Rio Day! 06/06/2016 (127 images)

1P Rio Day! 06/06/2016 (41 images)

Viking Day in Year 4 (46 images)

5M - Butterfly Release (11 images)

5D - Butterfly Release (47 images)

Special Visitors in 5M! (24 images)

Judaism Day (14 images)

On Tuesday 10th May we had a visitor in school teaching us about Judaism

Year 6 SAT's Breakfast 2016 (6 images)

Look at the Easter Gardens - RA (16 images)

Caterpillars! - RA (25 images)

Clocks and Time Writing - RA (9 images)

Family Worship with 3F! (18 images)

Year 6 Visit Thomas Becket to see Jimmy Mitchell (5 images)

Super Hero Day in Year 1 (79 images)

Year 5 St Johns First Aid Training (13 images)

Cross Country Awards Assembly 21/04/2016 (6 images)

Easter Celebrations in School (20 images)

Year 3 RE Day! (11 images)

World Book Day - Library Book Hunt in 3F! (8 images)

Junior Strictly! 12/03/2016 (59 images)

Some of our Year 3 & 4 Children competed in Junior Strictly at The Deco Theatre.

World Book Day 2016 in 2L (88 images)

Year 2 Great Fire of London WOW Day (72 images)

World Book Day 2016 in RN (30 images)

The children in Reception had a fantastic time watching the eggs in our incubator hatch into cute and fluffy chicks. Click on the photo below to see us all holding them carefully.

Look at our Chicks! RN (27 images)

Look at our Chicks! RA (55 images)

Eggs in RA! (23 images)

World Book Day 2016 in RA (36 images)

Making Buckets in 2L! (22 images)

Making Buckets in 2F (27 images)

Year of Mercy - Art Competition (9 images)

Storyteller Week (10 images)

On Thursday 4th February 2016 the children in KS1 and KS2 enjoyed lots of wonderful stories which were told by our visiting story teller, Richard York. Everyone enjoyed listening to his interesting stories from all over the world and from different periods of time.

Music and Art Day in 2L (25 images)

Music and Art Day in 2F (23 images)

World Religion Day (56 images)

Year 5 Investigates an Alien Landing (88 images)

A Dinosaur Visit in 1C (25 images)

Our Aeroplane Experience in Reception! (12 images)

Travel Agents in RA (4 images)

What Have We Been Learning in RA? (2 images)

3D Shapes are everywhere! (16 images)

Reception are learning about 3D shapes!

5M's Homework Projects 2016 (20 images)

Bugtopia Visit 1P! (118 images)

Bugtopia in 1C! (85 images)

Class 1C had a visit from Bugtopia!

Christmas Fun in Reception! (36 images)

Frozen Day in 1P! (17 images)

Frozen Day in 1C (38 images)

Santa visits RA! (35 images)

Our Year 5 Christmas Party! (22 images)

Christmas Jumper Day 2015 (15 images)

Maths in 5M (26 images)

Class 5M's WW1 Artwork (21 images)

A WW1 Nurse Visits 5M (55 images)

A Visit from a WW1 Nurse! (42 images)

Year 5 had a visit from a WW1 Nurse!

Goldilocks Breaks In! (4 images)

Year 3 Trip to Flag Fenn (47 images)

Christmas Dinner 2015 (42 images)

KS1 and KS2 Christmas Dinner 2015

F.R.O.G.S Christmas Fayre (25 images)

Year 3 Visit The University of Northampton (8 images)

Year 1 Gallones Ice Cream Parlour Visit (8 images)

Lunch Club (2 images)

Maths Workshop for Parents 08/12/2015 (5 images)

Building Bridges in 2L! (29 images)

Building Bridges in 2F! (22 images)

A Visit from the Police! (50 images)

November Maths Morning (23 images)

KS1 Castle Project (3 images)

Look at the fantastic castles our KS1 Children have made!

Remembrance Day 2015 (6 images)

Nurse Visit in Reception Class (32 images)

We had a visit from a real life superhero! Nurse Jo told us all about her job and how she helps people. We loved looking at the things in her bag and we even used them on our ‘patients’ in the classroom. Take a look at our photos.

WW1 Day in Year 5 (33 images)

Year 5 - Contraction Lesson (5 images)

Golden Time in Class RA (8 images)

Lunchtime in Reception! (14 images)

Autumn Walk with Reception (41 images)

The Saints Reward Day (10 images)

Year 5 Sulgrave Manor 12th October 2015 (42 images)

Music and Art Day in Year 2 (23 images)

Writing! (14 images)

Fine Motor Skills Work (13 images)

RE Display (2 images)

Our Tour of the School (14 images)

On Friday 25th September, Reception had a tour of their new school!

Year 1's Park Visit 30/09/2015 (30 images)

1P - Our Classroom! (6 images)

Beach Day in Year 2 (Academic Year 14/15) (21 images)

Some examples of our fantastic work in Class 5M! (6 images)

Science in Class 5D (16 images)

Science in Class 5M (20 images)

Our First Week in Reception! (46 images)

We Love PLaytime! (22 images)

Our First Day in Reception - RN (30 images)

Balloon Week! (4 images)

What a fantastic morning we had yesterday! We had a visit from Mr and Mrs Custard who taught us how to make balloon animals! It was very tricky!

2H visit Holdenby Education Centre (21 images)

We went on a class trip to Moulton College’s Holdenby Centre to find out even more about nocturnal animals! We went on a hedgehog trail following a map, we saw a large badger sett and we went to the falconry centre where we met some owls up close. Even though it rained, we had a fantastic day!

Cross Country (4 images)

Year 2 Trip to Holdenby Education Centre (16 images)

Around the World Day (8 images)

Year 4's Trip to Duxford (75 images)

The Saints Reward Day - 13th May 2015 (33 images)

On Wednesday 13th May, a selected group of children from KS2 were chosen to visit the Saints ground as a reward for excellent work and behaviour in school. The children had a fantastic day.

March Monster Maths Morning (37 images)

The Good Shepherd children all enjoyed a fantastic MONSTER MATHS MORNING!!

Prince and Princess Party in Reception (25 images)

Football Fun! (6 images)

Box Fun! (30 images)

Literacy w/b 14/04/2015 (4 images)

Last week we started using drama to help us include feelings in our writing. We came into our class after break and found we were soldiers in the trenches of WW1... We had to hide and wait for Miss Allen to give us instructions of what to do. Our writing about our day in the trenches was amazing!

Our Left and Right! (4 images)

Last week we learnt about directional words and how we could use them. We sang the 'hokey cokey' to help us remember our left and right and then tried to give directions to our partner to help them complete a trail.

Maths in 1A (10 images)

Maths Morning.... Before half term we had a great Maths Morning where we looked at the significance of the art work by Piet Mondrian. We tried to use horizontal and vertical lines to create squares and rectangles like his art work... It was a lot harder than it looked!

Prince and Princess Day (2 images)

Warwick Castle (12 images)

CAFOD Lent Campaign (4 images)

World Book Day (25 images)

World Book Day Selfies! (6 images)

Snow White Text Map (4 images)

Our Reception Class Church (13 images)

Chicks in Reception (12 images)

Snow in Reception! (5 images)

Viking Day! (43 images)

Year 4's Viking Day!

Dinosaur Eggs (10 images)

Snow! (10 images)

Today we spent 5 minutes out in the snow! It felt funny landing on our heads! We had a great time!

Painting and Drawing Dinosaurs (3 images)

1A have worked so hard this week that this afternoon we got some treat time! We have had a great time painting and drawing dinosaurs!

Miss Affronti's Class! (2 images)

Miss Wileman's Class! (19 images)

Dinosaurs! (15 images)

Dinosaur bones.. Eggs.. Claws and the plates on its back! We have discovered a new dinosaur!

Text Maps in 1A (9 images)

Year 6 at Work! (38 images)

Dinosaurs in PE (10 images)

1A Bugtopia 7th January 2015 (63 images)

Well... What a FANTASTIC morning we had today! Bugtopia came to visit us and brought a snake, cockroaches, a spider and stick insects. We were brave and looked at them all, some of us even held them. What a great way to start our topic!

3LG (8 images)

3AG (10 images)

School Christmas Disco 2014 (35 images)

Year 1 Frozen Day (5 images)

Ice Palaces (11 images)

WOW!!! Big thank you to all of the children who have already brought in their ice palaces! We love them and cannot wait to see the others when they arrive.

Christmas Dinner in KS1 (7 images)

Antarctica (1 images)

What fantastic information you found out about Antarctica! Well done everyone! Great homework! Miss Allen

Playground Fun! (4 images)

Oh dear!!! On Thursday of this week we have a temporary power cut at the school... This is how we spent the time... Working cooperatively with our friends to play games and draw pictures... It was fun, but we are glad it was only for a short while!

This week in year 1! (w/b 24/11/2014) (5 images)

Maths! (4 images)

Today class 1A discovered that there are numbers smaller than 0! We were trying to take away numbers and realised that the number line wasn't big enough. We discussed that minus number mean and when we might see them.

A mystery visitor in Miss Allens class... (5 images)

This week (wb 17/11/2014) year 1 has had a visitor. As of yet we don't know who or what it is or where it has come from... We found fish, ice and lots of puddles... We will keep you posted if we find out what it is!

Remebrance Day at The Good Shepherd (5 images)

Remebrance Day at The Good Shepherd

Time - 1A (8 images)

This week (week beginning 3rd November) we have been learning how to tell the time. We went into the hall and became the hands on the clock. We have learnt how to read the time to the hour and half hour. We are also beginning to read quarter past the hour too!

Sulgrave Manor - Year 5 (58 images)

Kingsthorpe Recreational Ground Visit (16 images)

1A Artwork! (10 images)

1A Park Keeper Visit (2 images)

Autumn Leaves Year 1 (9 images)

Mrs Clive (3 images)

Class activites

General Photos (6 images)

General Photos